1. Sri Venkateswara Bhakti Channel was incorporated under Companies Act 1956 in 2007 in Andhra Pradesh. This was initially registered under Section-3 of the Companies Act and subsequently, based on a Board Resolution, changed to a Section-25 Company, a not-for-profit entity. This channel has been incorporated with an object of promoting and propagating Hindu Dharma through telecasting the devotional activities, schemes of TTD and other similar programmes from all over the world. Channel Test signal was launched on 7thApril 2008, on Telugu New Year’s Day (Ugadi) and Channel was launched on 07th July 2008.

  2. It was envisaged that SVBC shall raise revenues through advertisements and other avenues, normally available for a media company, and apply the same towards its operations. Till such time as it becomes financially self-sufficient, the operations are supported by TTD, by way of grants. However due to objections raised by devotees and in order to give Ad-free and seamless content to devotees the Board has decided to dispense away with Advertisements. The Company is raising Sponsorships and Donations (Both General & Corpus) apart from TTD Grants for its functioning .There is a separate Governing Body for SVBC, exclusively to take appropriate decisions for the smooth functioning.


The main objects of this company are as below.

  1. To set up, operate and maintain television channel including other types of electronic media such as Radio for promoting Hindu Dharma and related activities for effective dissemination of Hinduism through all types of electronic media.

  2. To promote and propagate the activities and schemes of TTD and other Hindu endowment temples across the world through the above channel and to act as agent for TTD on execution of works entrusted to it.

  3. To educate the masses through electronic media in Sanskrit, Yoga, Philosophy and intricate issues of ancient Vedas, Upanishads, Shashtras etc. in order to strengthen the activities of the Dharma PracharaParishad of TTD and to foster Bhakti and Gnana on Venkateswara Tattwam.

  4. To do scientific research in the fields of Vedas, Yagnas, Puranas and the ancient Hindu scriptures and disseminate knowledge.

  5. To produce feature films / documentary films / serials / episodes on Hindu Religion and to televise the daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and annual festivals / activities of Lord Venkateswara and other deities of TTD and any other Hindu Temples in the country through electronic media

  6. To apply the profits / income of the company for promotion and furtherance of the objects of the company only and not for distribution of any dividend to its members


  1. Sri Venkateswara Bhakti Channel is managed by a Board of Directors and functionally headed by Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who manages its day to day affairs. The CEO is assisted by various functional heads.

  2. The Administrator of Tirumala i.eAddl Executive Officer / Joint Executive Officer, TTD shall be preferably the Managing Director of Sri Venkateswara Bhakti Channel as the activities of SVBC are mainly related to Sri Tirumala Temple.
    It helps in better Co-Ordination for the smooth functioning of the Channel.

  3. The Executive Officer, TTD being the Promoter of the Channel shall continue to be Ex-Officio Director and guide SVBC in all the aspects.

  4. The Chairman, CEO and Board of Directors of SVBC are either appointed by Government of Andhra Pradesh or by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams Trust Board or by SVBC Board




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