Expansion Plans
As already noted, action is already underway for upgrading the teleport as well as the satellite receivers for MPEG 4&DVB S2 format to be abreast of technology and to economize on bandwidth which is a major recurring expenditure. Post production capacity is being augmented by procuring 4 more NLE systems of Avid make. High-end HD camcorders are also being procured for shooting telefilms /serials. Proposals are being mooted to start one more SVBC channel. While our teleport is already equipped for the second channel, other equipment like playout server, additional display monitors, etc. will have to be added. Live coverages through cellular networks with the help of camera attachable back-packs are becoming popular as an economical alternative to DSNGs. Efforts are on to procure a couple of such devices after a careful analysis of their technical quality and, as a prelude to that, a 4 Mbps static internet connection at the Bhoodevi complex is already installed. ‘Virtual Sets’ is another area which holds promise for enhancing the quality, variety and creativity of studio productions without any expenditure for set erection. Two such virtual sets’ packages are being proposed, keeping in view the upcoming second channel. ‘Video streaming’ and ‘video-on-demand’ features on the internet through the TTD homepage are being pursued in consultation with the webmaster (Data Processing Unit) of TTD. Among the religious channels in the country, SVBC enjoys the pride of place as the only channel employing HD cameras for studio as well as OBs. The transmission system however continues to be SD, as per the prevalent standards. IPTV and mobile TV platforms are also being explored for wider distribution of SVBC programmes.


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