Role of Technical Staff
On any given day, live programmes occupy about nine hours of the channel time and they are the key component for equipment & resources deployment and for technical operations. Studio-based programming is mostly by way of spiritual bulletins(Aadhyatmika Visheshalu), discussion/interview-based programmes and quiz programmes on religious/mythological topics. Technical staff perform round-the-clock shifts to carry out the channel transmissions, studio-based as well as outdoor recordings, OB van-based technical operations, DSNG operations, teleport operations and multi-language scrolling messages as per on-air needs. Maintenance of the entire technical set up, studios, control rooms, LAN, computer systems, OFC links , monitor displays are all an integral part of their responsibility. At the managerial level, the wing helps in technical purchases, infrastructure planning, technological upgradation, and optimal utilization of technical resources. At the operational level, their nature of job is specialized, skill-oriented and demands hard work and knowledge of sophisticated broadcast equipment. Multi-skilling and rotation of staff among various operational positions is being encouraged to broaden their skill base and to make them sufficiently versatile to meet the exigencies of service.

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